Often the transition to a skilled nursing facility is challenging. At Silver Healthcare Center, we strive to ease the process by providing an environment where residents and their loved ones feel informed, empowered and comfortable.

Our nurses and staff are always available to answer questions and lend a hand and understand the importance of creating a comfortable and nurturing atmosphere for our patients and residents.

Silver Healthcare Center rehab in Cherry Hill NJ

Family members and loved ones are always welcome in Silver Healthcare’s bright setting. Our caring, expert team members work with residents and their families to customize personal care plans.

Silver Healthcare features comfortable private and semiprivate suites and state-of-the-art amenities.

Our customer service program is applied 24/7 and is truly our most defining and distinguishing characteristic which sets us apart from all our competitors!

Our goal is to bridge the gap between residents/ families and staff members, and continually improve and excel at customer services and awareness. From the very first moment you or your loved one enters the door of Silver Healthcare Center, until the last day of your stay, you will receive our singular and expert healthcare in an environment infused with love and warmth!

We have an unrivaled reputation for excellence and patient satisfaction.

"I've had a great experience at Silver and would definitely recommend it to others who need to get back on their feet. The therapy department is simply excellent."

H., Room 343

"I'm seeing a big improvement since I arrived, thanks to the therapies. I would definitely come back to Silver again."

H., Room 344

"I recommend Silver Healthcare because it's so pleasant there and the staff are so nice. I got back so much strength during my stay there."

B., Room 334