Heart Attack Rates Significantly Decline For Senior Citizens

heart attack rates

Heart attack rates for senior citizens have dramatically declined over the past twenty years, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).   An analysis of 4.3 million Medicare recipients’ records found that hospitalization rates for heart attacks dropped dramatically over a 20-year period. Moreover, seniors are also more likely to survive a heart attack…

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Oxytocin Nasal Spray Could Stop You From Becoming Obese


Oxytocin is a new nasal spray that may prevent you from becoming obese. Sounds like an easy way to lose weight and keep it off.   It currently awaits FDA approval. Oxytocin is a hormone that is vital for social interaction, trust, anxiety reduction, childbirth, and mother-infant bonding.     Previous studies showed that this hormone…

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Reading Glasses: Tips On How To Choose The Right One

reading glasses

Reading glasses can become more of a necessity as we age. As we age, a natural decline in visual acuity can complicate the simplest things. For example, reading street signs, ingredients on a food label, and of course, instructions on your medicine bottle.   Reading glasses have been around for a long time, and recently…

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Brain Health Improves With Light To Moderate Exercise

brain health

Brain health can improve dramatically even with light to moderate exercise, recent studies show. These improvements in cognitive function occur in the short-term and can last over a longer period of time.  Light exercise improves not only overall cognitive function but more specifically short and long term memory. This is great news for senior citizens…

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Hearing Loss As You Age, What You Can Do About It

Hearing loss is often a part of the aging process. A decline might be due to genetic factors, the aging process itself, or perhaps long-term noise exposure.   Studies have shown that hearing loss declines slightly in adults between the ages of 20 and 60. After age 60, 39 percent of adults have trouble hearing…

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Seniors Suffer Huge Financial Losses Through Fraud, Scams


Over 2 million seniors were defrauded of more than 750 million dollars since 2018 by fraudsters, says the Department of Justice (DOJ).   The DOJ today announced the largest-ever crackdown on fraud against senior citizens. Two hundred and twenty five people both here in the United States and overseas were criminally charged. Altogether, more than…

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Cancer Now Immediately Detectable With Microscopic Droplet of Blood


Cancer can now be detected immediately with just a microscopic drop of blood, a new study reports.   This is great news as survival rates should increase even for the hard to detect tumors. Some examples are pancreatic and ovarian cancer.These cancers tend to remain undetected until they are too advanced for treatment to work.Thus,…

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Killer Flu Vaccine Could Be Just Around The Corner

killer flu vaccine

A killer flu vaccine may be just around the corner, a recent study reports. Right now they are three basic flu strains, influenza A, B, and C, and there is no way to predict which flu strain will hit us every winter. The good news is that the new killer flu vaccine can protect against…

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Customized Diet Reduces Diabetes Risk Across All Age Groups

customized diet

A customized diet is effective in reducing diabetes, a recent study shows. Currently, the recommended diets for diabetics is to  lower calorie and carbohydrate intake. There is no consideration to see how a diabetic will respond to a customized diet.     The new research from the Mayo Clinic, shows that taking a more individualized approach can…

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Pain Relievers Can Be Dangerous And Deadly, Know The Risks

Pain killers that you buy over the counter such as Tylenol and ibuprofen, can help you overcome your headache and bone aches, but can also be dangerous. There are risks you need to know about.   For example, many people believe that acetaminophen and ibuprofen are safe. And, yes, if used correctly, they certainly are.…

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