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Dementia Stigma Is A Real Problem,These Strategies Can Help

dementia stigma

Dementia stigma is a real problem nowadays, and if you have a family member with this disease, you’re no doubt going through a very painful time.   Stigma is defined as a “mark of shame.” By steering clear of people with stigmatized diseases, such as AIDS, schizophrenia and even cancer, it’s as if we are…

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A Gene Variation May Just Be The Cure For Alzheimer’s Disease

A gene variation could be the cure for Alzheimer’s disease according to results from a recent study.   Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia in older adults. Brain changes  include abnormal clumps (amyloid-β plaques), tangled bundles of fibers (tau tangles), and the eventual death of nerve cells. These changes lead to a…

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Salt Intake Is Necessary, But Too Much Is Bad For Your Health

salt intake

Salt intake is necessary, and an essential mineral for your daily health, but too much of it will cause you health problems. Think ‘bad’ like high blood pressure and diabetes. It turns out that too much salt can also lead to a host of of other health problems, as well.   Dietary salt, or table…

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Physical Activity Keeps Seniors Mentally Sharp, Lowers Dementia Risk

Physical activity can keep seniors mentally sharp and lower their risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Indeed, recent studies by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), shows that physical activity by seniors suffering from dementia — helps slow down the disease’s advancement.       Physical Activity: Study Results More than 450 older adults…

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Epidemic of High Blood Pressure Levels In The United States, Why?


Epidemic! An epidemic of high blood pressure levels currently exist in the United States of America. You say, of course we’re exaggerating. We say, no we’re not. Just look at the latest statistics. Alarming, to say the least. The fact is more than 100 million U.S. adults  suffer from high blood pressure, according to new…

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Can Diets And Vitamins Really Protect Your Heart From Disease


Many health experts recommend diets and vitamins to protect against developing heart disease. But, is this necessarily so?  A recent study analyzed the data from 277 randomized controlled trials that had involved almost 1 million participants between them.   They looked at the effects of 16 nutritional supplements and eight dietary interventions on cardiovascular health…

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Can This Wonder Pill Really Keep You Healthy In Your Old Age?

wonder pill

Can a wonder pill really keep you healthy, free of disease and illness, in your old age, Will you live longer? That would be a great thing, indeed, if such a wonder pill actually existed. Well, scientists believe that such a pill does exist and is currently being tested with great results.   The pill…

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Low Vitamin K Levels In Seniors Can Impair Walking, Mobility

vitamin k

Vitamin K at low levels in senior citizens can impair their ability to walk and increases their risk for becoming immobile, a recent study reports. Dietary sources of vitamin K include kale, spinach, broccoli, and other leafy greens. Some dairy foods also contain vitamin K. Previous studies established a link between low levels of this vitamin and impaired…

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EEG Test A Better Noninvasive Option To Test For Parkinson’s


EEG testing  may be the most effective way to diagnose Parkinson’s disease, according to a recent report.  Currently, diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease relies on a neurologist’s professional opinion as no scan has definitively diagnosed it. Instead, a neurologist will assess a person by asking them to carry out certain tasks. These may include writing, drawing,…

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Oxytocin Nasal Spray Could Stop You From Becoming Obese


Oxytocin is a new nasal spray that may prevent you from becoming obese. Sounds like an easy way to lose weight and keep it off.   It currently awaits FDA approval. Oxytocin is a hormone that is vital for social interaction, trust, anxiety reduction, childbirth, and mother-infant bonding.     Previous studies showed that this hormone…

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