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Cancer Now Immediately Detectable With Microscopic Droplet of Blood


Cancer can now be detected immediately with just a microscopic drop of blood, a new study reports.   This is great news as survival rates should increase even for the hard to detect tumors. Some examples are pancreatic and ovarian cancer.These cancers tend to remain undetected until they are too advanced for treatment to work.Thus,…

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Skin Tags In Senior Citizens: Is It Cancer Or Benign?

Skin tags on senior citizens, whether on the neck or under the arms can be an alarm signal. Is it cancer or is it benign? These tags are usually oval flaps of tissue that hang from the skin on a tiny stalk. They may appear alone or in a group. Typically, they’re the size of…

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Family Health History, Why Your Doctor Needs To Know It

Family health history can be critically important for a doctor to know. It sets a baseline from which your doctor can more accurately diagnose what and why something is bothering you. And it does help to more effectively design a treatment protocol that will help you. Our health comes from both our genes and our…

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Sunshine Makes Us Happy, But Also Take Precautions

Sunshine makes me happy, are the opening words to a great song composed and performed by the late, great singer, John Denver. It sure is great to be in the sun this summer, especially after just getting through a cold, hard winter. But, as great as the Sun is for us, it can also do…

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Eating Healthy: Processed Meats Taste Great, But Can Hurt Your Health

Eating healthy, nutritious meals is the key to great health and an enjoyable quality of life. Processed meats, on the other hand, while they taste great, can harm your health. In several studies, people who ate high amounts of processed meat had higher rates of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Researchers believe that excess salt,…

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