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Telepharmacy Gives Rural Hospitals Big Savings, Quality Service

Telepharmacy is saving small rural hospitals big money combined with top notch 24/7 service.   Telemedicine services are on the rise among small and rural hospitals. In mid-December, for instance, NewYork-Presbyterian forged a pact to provide emergency physicians via Walgreens in-store kiosks. Last year, Cleveland Clinic inked an arrangement with CVS to use American Well’s…

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Telemedicine Gets Major Boost With Death of Net Neutrality

Telemedicine will now get a major boost with today’s defeat and roll back of net neutrality.     Telemedicine: Today’s Net Neutrality Decision The Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal net neutrality on Thursday, a move, its Chairman Ajit Pai said, that will allow internet providers to speed up services for some websites and apps, and block…

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