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Flu Season Continuing, Longest Duration In Decade


Flu season isn’t over, folks — it is still with us, according to the Centers For Disease Control (CDC). Even though it’s spring, the CDC says to remain vigilant and protect yourself.   Flu season 2019 has now lasted for 21 weeks; the longest duration in the last ten years. According to Dr. Tania Elliot…

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Flu Season Continues With Mounting Hospitalizations, Deaths

Flu season in the United States is in its 10th week, but Centers For Disease Control (CDC) officials can’t say if it has peaked yet.”We aren’t out of the woods yet,” Anne Schuchat, MD, acting director of the CDC, said at a Friday morning briefing.Parents should be aware that the flu epidemic is taking a fatal toll on children:…

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Flu Injections Recommended for All Seniors For Fall 2017

The Center For Disease Control (CDC) strongly advises that the elderly stick with the flu injections for Winter 2017. The nasal spray version, marketed under the name FluMist, fell out of favor with the CDC last flu season.   Flu Vaccine: Nasal Mist For the second year in a row, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on…

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