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Wheelchair Battery Free, Waterproof, Eases Seniors Outdoor Access

A new wheelchair that is waterproof and battery free will ease seniors ability to get around as well as enjoy the outdoors. The newly introduced wheelchair, called the PneuChair was developed by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and the Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL). The PneuChair uses pressurized canisters of air instead of batteries, making…

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New Surgical Glue Better Than Sutures, Staples

Purdue University scientists have developed a new surgical glue manufactured from the proteins of sea mussels.  This material, called ELY16 contains elastin protein and sticks to objects while immersed in water. This glue works better than sutures, staples, and other commercial products. Surgical Glue Benefits   Sutures and staples work in most surgical situations but may…

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Podimetrics Heat Map Prevents Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Podimetrics has developed a foot temperature monitoring pad that detects the onset of diabetic foot ulcers.   HOW DOES THIS FOOT MONITORING PAD WORK? Standing on the mat for twenty seconds generates data measured in thermograms. Inflammation (hot spots) levels are not detectable by eye. Results are evaluated and if necessary, treatment is prescribed. Moreover, it…

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