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Canadian Medicines Bringing Down Drug Prices In Colorado

canadian medicines

Canadian medicines are helping reduce prescription drug prices for Colorado citizens. This is great news for senior citizens as well as families on fixed incomes.   Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) signed legislation last week  authorizing the state to import prescription drugs from Canada.This new law will lower the cost of lifesaving medicines that millions…

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CMS Boosting Dialysis Centers Budgets By 190 Million Dollars

CMS ( Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services) will increase compensation to dialysis centers by 190 million dollars. In addition, the centers will receive an additional $30 million in co-pays from Medicare beneficiaries. This will bring their total increase to 220 million.     CMS is encouraging providers to use new renal dialysis drugs, and…

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Respite Care: What It Is, Why You Should Consider It

Respite care is a valuable resource as it provides primary caregivers some time off from caring for their aging or disabled loved one. A caregiver taking some time off will help them to reduce stress, avoid burnout, and return refreshed.  It can be arranged for just an afternoon, or for several days or weeks. Respite…

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Drugmakers Blocking Generic Drugs, Jacking Up Drug Prices

Drugmakers of brand name drugs were called out this week by the Trump Administration for hiking prices by double digits. These price hikes have been ongoing since 2012.  These price hikes have cost Medicare and Medicaid nearly $12 billion in 2016. In addition, brand name drug makers have stalled generic drug competition and prevented new generics…

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Medicare Developing Direct Pay Model For Seniors, Primary Physicians

Medicare ( The Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services) announced it is exploring a direct-provider payment model for seniors. The beneficiary will be primary care physicians. This program would directly pay primary care physicians and multi-specialty group practices that provide services to Medicare Advantage and Medicaid beneficiaries. It replaces the existing fee schedule with fixed,…

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House Bill Aims To Rescind Skilled Nursing Homes Three-Day Rule

The House re-introduced a bill last week seeking to rescind a long-standing Medicare provision that restricts beneficiaries from receiving rehabilitation services in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). The bill is called the Creating Access to Rehabilitation for Every Senior Act (H.R. 4701), or the CARES Act of 2017. It would eliminate Medicare’s current prior three-day hospitalization requirement…

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